Compost Manure
Compost Manure

Compost Manure

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Compost Manure is very important to increase farm production. Compost Manure making method is Very simple. Chemical fertilizer every year in our country. The amount of nitro mass, phosphorus and potash by Is added. About 8-10 times that
The quantity is reduced from the soil by harvesting the crop. This includes nitrogen, phosphorus and Compensate for potash deficiency as well as micronutrient deficiency. In order to get a balanced amount of nutrients. It is imperative to use Compost manure and flour.

In rural areas manure is still used in large quantities as fuel. To make compost manure from the leftover manure,
But no scientific method is used. Bedding of animals according to the customary system In with the remains of crops drenched in dung-urine. Heaps are made outside the village.In the ground A pit is dug and poured into it.

Degradable microorganisms due to insufficient oxygen and moisture. As the growth of bacteria slows down, it takes a long time to prepare a good manure. It also contains organic matter and a very wide ratio of carbon: nitrogen (50: 1) due to insufficient decomposition. And other nutrients are also rarely found.As a result of which sufficient quantities are added to the soil. Even if it does, the crop does not respond and. Production is declining. In farmers due to this happening. But the interest for manure is decreasing.

Crop residues and organic matter in our country. Major cereals as waste can be found in abundance. From wheat, millet, maize, sorghum, paddy etc. Grass-waste can be found.

Nadep method of making compost manure

He was a farmer who invented the Nadep method of making compost manure. His name was Shri Pandhari Pandey. In this method animal dung is used sparingly and scientifically. Effective, fast in this method And there is a method of making organic manure in large quantities.

  • In this method more manure can be made using less manure.
  • 8 m Long, 8 m. Wide and 1 m. Of height. A rectangular tank is made.
  • This tank is made of a brick curtain. But Leaving space between two bricks alternatelyis coming. Where the wall becomes perforated. This Microbes at the time of the action of decomposing pores. Provides adequate oxygen. The number of microbes increases rapidly As a result compost is prepared in less time.
  • The bottom of the tank is made of bricks Is coming.
  • The bottom of the tank and the wall around it Coated with dung.
  • Calculated by weight in the ratio of 45: 5:50Waste: Manure (dissolved in 100 liters of water). Soil is kept in each layer Kilo waste should be spread.2 kg on it. Dissolve manure in 100 liters of water and sprinkle. Comes with 50 kg of clay uniformly The way is paved.
  • Doing 30 layers in this way fills the tank. If you want to do 10 layers for convenience, you have to use everything three times.
  • Dry leaves of trees, unused vegetables, green paddy crops can also be used as waste.
  • Garbage used to make a well-composted compost from waste-manure-soil Type falls on top.
  • Growth of microorganisms as well as bacteria. The basis of the ability to decompose used. Carbon of matter: Depending on the ratio of nitrogen.
  • Excess Carbon: Nitro mass seems to be composted from fibrous waste e.g. Wheat bran.
  • To increase the speed of composting, mix the pulp side by side with such waste and use a small amount of green leaf.

Great in about 90 to 100 days The compost is ready. From a tank About 3 to 4.5 tons of manure is released. Prepared by filling the tank three times. At least 8 to 10 tons of good manure. Can be found in comparison to manure. Almost double nitrogenphosphorus, potash and Other essential micronutrients are present in such compost Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, respectively 1-2, 1.0 and 1.5 per cent respectively.

Benefits of Compost Manure

The biggest advantage of compost manure is its low cost. If we use chemical manure in the soil, it is a very expensive soil as well as a threat to the environment. This fertilizer benefits the crop for a long time. This means that after applying this fertilizer it gives benefit up to two crops. From this manure, worms like worms grow more which is a good benefit for the crop.

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