Medicinal crops in our farm
By cultivating medicinal crops, Kedut friends can earn more income.How to grow medicinal crops for him wherever

Medicinal crops in our farm

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By cultivating healthful crops, Farmer friends will earn a lot of financial gain. How to grow healthful Medicinal crops for him where he’s I offer his info here. There square measure several Medicinal crops on our farm that we have a tendency to might not recognize the healthful properties of.


Isbagul is named ‘Ghodajiru’ within the native language. Isabagul is all beneath cultivation in our country. Ati with the most important space among a similar healthful medicinal crops. It is a vital crop. In Gujarat, primarily Banaskantha, Kutch,In districts like Mehsana, Jamnagar and Rajkot etc. It is planted.

Isbagul the foremost vital half within the seeds of Isabagul. there’s husk thereon that is half-hour of the seed. Uses its seeds and husks within the systema alimentarium. And elimination of inflammation of the mucose membranes of the channel. Internal organ ulcers, hemorrhoids and sexually transmitted disease. It’s accustomed treat constipation and symptom helpful drugs.

autochthonal drugs practitioners largely use Isabagul in their drugs. Its market is additionally recovering each year as there’s a lot of demand for its drugs. It’s created like flavorer cumin. It doesn’t need a lot of water. So friends, why forget such a healthful Medicinal crops!

Black cumin

Black cumin this can be a winter crop. Its plants square measure two to two.5.Feet high, the trunk is spherical and straight. Its leaves square measure four to five. Inches long, 1 to 1.5 inches wide grooves and. It is bitter in style. it’s pale purple flowers Comes. Its life turns yellow at harvest stage and therefore the crop is shortly torn to dry and therefore the seeds. Being light-weight, it falls. The seeds square measure black and its. Above square measure concerning eight to ten long raised lines. These seeds square measure pungent in smell and extremely bitter Used as a de wormer.

This crop is like cumin. If there’s a lot of frost or cold, there’s injury. Therefore, it’s important to watch out during this crop.The largest advantage of black cumin is that it keeps away the animals that square measure discomposed by its smell so the night awakenings don’t seem to be ragged. And if the weather is favorable, an honest product is obtained.

Mindhi Awal Sena / Sonamukhi

Mindhi Awal totally different in numerous areas called. Army in Hindi, Sonamukhi in Sanskritic language, In Bengali, it’s called Sandhanamkhi, Sonamukhi.The use of leaves and capsules as a laxative for symptom.It is utilized in drugs Soak in water at midnight, mash within the morning, strain.Used for drinking jagghery.Cenoside in capsules (anthroquinone glycoside) The name may be a chemical.It’s noted for its laxative properties And recognized within the world’s pharmacopoeias is finished .


Asalio twenty third super molecule in inexperienced foliaceous vegetables,20.5% of the road and one.53% of pure mathematics. Eating Asalia dish is reasonable and tons to induce victuals B-1, metal M and Iron. an honest remedy is respiratory disorder, cough, hemorrhoids, TB of the lungs.Etc. Asalia seeds square measure terribly helpful in pain a hundred mg of Asalia seeds contains a hundred mg. the maximum amount there’s iron.

farming may be a complementary business. we have a tendency to try our greatest to grant a lot of milk to the animals. If we have a tendency to offer our animals a lot of milk, then this farming is great as a result of the animals offer a lot of milk.

Kalmegh / Desi Kariyatu

Shishi kariyatupan kariyatuk jane kalamegh however he says it will be big all over within the state of Gujarat.However, all told styles of fever terribly helpful. T.B., heat diseases, worms, inflammation. And tremors, talk, high pressure level, diabetes,Useful in intestinal colic, symptom etc.


Hence it’s referred to as Ashwagandha healthful medicinal crops tons in Ayurvedic and Unani drugs . It’s vital to induce eliminate swelling and decay of its leaf joints utilized in diseases. Powder of Ashwagandha root utilized in weight gain, sexual disfunction, flatulence, anorexia, skin diseases and sleep disorder. Aging and Hi B.P. Don’t take this powder forever. there’s the recommendation of piece of writing.

Ashwagandha plant is employed in drugs to cure most masculine orgynaecological diseases.Which is one among the foremost wide found herbs within the forest.But it may be big at our peril if it's cultivated. Seedlings for that may be ordered from several nurseries or perhaps on-line.

White muesli

White breakfast food White breakfast food is very important as a tonic healthful price. Mati may be a vegetable Growing demand abroad and in proportion to demand presently because of declining production within the forests. Prices square measure rising. Its dry roots as a herb Used. That is understood as musli. The number of musli in every musli plant is ten To twelve or a lot of Its length is eight to ten cm. Has its nutrients. Substances square measure primarily carbohydrates third-dimensional, pottery three to four-dimensional, Fiber five to six and glucoside third-dimensional. gastropod.


Sheda-pala of the farm in dry space and therefore the fallow land is usually perennial. Agattya may be a healthful plant. It’s simple to spot The plants square measure unfold on the bottom. Flowers on the plants. Most of the time, it’s found everywhere the place.A flower or panchag is employed.


Ashwagandha Dodi to check four differing kinds of dodi in Gujarat. it’s found within the monsoon that flowers in clusters.Dodi, whose scientific name is Telpsma pallida. accustomed create a sort of Dodi flower vegetable. this kind of dodi leaf is spherical. Dodi primarily contains antibiotic, ray alkaloids, glycosides, There square measure active ingredients like tree gosside etc. Dodi primarily in pains like boils, eye ailments, colds etc. Useful. Its fruit is extremely massive in size. The second form of cut is additionally referred to as dodi extract flower.The scientific name is Holostema annularium.Its roots and leaves square measure used, that is rainy.

Rija kind dodi that is understood as malti or huge dodi is extremely fanatical and its vines is powerful. It’s perennial and its scientific. The name is Dregera volubilis. whilst the fourth form of dodi alive. Known as Leptadenia reticulata. The leaves square measure comparatively long and elliptical.The scale of the flower is comparatively tiny. the scale of the fruit (dodva)But tiny in life. Phytosterols steigmasterol, beta-sterols,Gamasterol and leptadine square measure the active ingredients.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a crucial a part of Ayurveda.It is thought-about to be a preferred healthful plant additionally to drugs. Extensive in creating cosmetics for some years. Whole of ‘Alloy Product’ is being employed.Many creations by name area unit presently out there within the market is formed from sorghum. Burn plant plants lightweight inexperienced long,Juicy and has tiny thorns on the sides of the leaves

The season is hot and wet in Africa. The dry space is taken into account to be the origin of burn plant. Except Gujarat that has additional rain. largely found in several areas. The importance of burn plant. Due to ‘alloin’ that has laxative properties additionally to its juice (water) cosmetics. It’s used a great deal in creating Of interest. The most element is ‘barbolin’ that is in style.
It is terribly bitter. The juice dries to a dark brown color. The substance is found in ‘alloin’, elio or musabar is thought as Ayurvedic drugs. Herbs helpful in gynaecology from burn plant within the methodology. Go to Kumari Asav, Kumari Dhrita, Kumari Pak etc.In addition to broth, liver .Useful in organ growth, fever, inflammation also as cancer.

There area unit {many additional}medicinal crops than the healthful crops mentioned higher than which might be grownup on our own and with less effort to create more profit.

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