How profitable is milk production today?
Milk production

How profitable is milk production today?

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Even today, many non-farmers have taken up the business of giving more importance to milk production in the city. Milk production has increased exponentially since the quality of milk was checked and the price was fixed. You get more profit on milk on fat and SNF. People have become very aware of this business. There is not enough production for this. Which gives more profit in this business for the future.

Milk production is getting as much as people need today. The advantage of this opportunity is that some tax collectors are playing with the health of the people by giving low quality milk.So you have to think about how to produce better milk.

People keep cows and what is their usefulness. To encourage it, Gujarat gives Rs. 900 per cow. per month to the beneficiary’s account.

Amul Arpan, the country’s largest dairy, has been working tirelessly to raise awareness among the people as to why their domestic animals give more milk.Today, barcoded badges are also used to identify animals. Today, your animal gets the same health facility as a human being. Just like you get the benefit of 108 emergency health services, a doctor team is present for your animal just by calling.

How to increase milk production?

Farmers have to adopt scientific method to increase milk production. They want to know how to give better and higher quality milk to their lactating animal.Selection of high quality animal for excellent milk production so that it gives long distance milk. This animal should be selected for sterilization for second or third time. So you should be very careful about your animal choice. Animal husbandry is very important in milk production

It is very important to select the best male for cow and buffalo which gives maximum production for breeding. Today research is being done to give birth to more nests in animals.

Don’t use less than average males. Use artificial insemination as much as possible. Our animal should be cared for for several months even after fertilization.Fetal testing should be done at the end of three months by a good doctor. And after weaning, raise the calf in a way that is ready for milking in three years.

The lactating animal should be fed achilles to increase the milk. Use a clean cutter to cut the grass given to the animal so that it will benefit a lot. Its energy is low. Light grass like kadab can be fed with boiled grains.

Water the lactating animal once a day. At 10 o’clock at night and at 5 o’clock in the morning, you must give water to the other animal.

Just as a human needs water at the end, another animal needs 90-100 liters of water during the day which is not enough twice. In summer, if possible, cold water should be given and the animal can drink water as per his choice.More milk production is to make a good profit for everyone but there is a lot of indifference towards animal husbandry so that the animal can get a good run according to the season as well as a good shelter from cold heat and rain and if possible build under a neem tree.

To get more milk from our other animal, rub the cane on its udder while we are milking. We should treat it with love. Amic music also has a good effect.

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